Dog Walking

… In the most delightful forest environments!

50% price off for 2nd Dog (or more) from same family !!!

Our dog groups are no larger than 5 dogs (max. 6) per dog walker, this allows us to give them the best quality walk possible with the proper focus, attention and security (for them and the surrounding environment) while limiting their transportation time to a minimum and allowing proper pet clean-up at arrival.

We also make sure that our Dog Walkers have the righteous work conditions to enjoy their work and keep your dogs happy, your dogs will be able to make the difference. “Dogs appreciate a balanced and happy Dog Walker”.

Our Group Dog Walks are designed to answer each dog’s individual need for mental & physical stimulation, socialisation and maintaining/ improving a balanced behaviour through regular communication with other dogs and consistent monitoring and feedback from our experienced and trained staff.

Most importantly they’ll build a very healthy self-confidence, everlasting friendship as well as unbreakable bonds.

The team is entirely devoted to ensuring that we properly respond to their needs and to maintain communication with you about their health and behaviour on a regular basis through sending you daily activity journals which you receive per e-mail at the end of the day along with the GPS track and the link to view the pictures.

 Service Details:

  • We come with our Pet-Friendly Van picking-up your dog(s) at your premises, if we have a key we’ll make sure to respect the security of your home upon arrival and departure by closing doors properly
  • We bring the dogs to the forest and give them their daily ration of fun, exercise and educational follow-up
  • We take 5 (max. 6 dogs) located in a centered area in order to limit time inside the van and maximise the attention, quality and security for your dogs during the walk
  • We do 1 hour walk in the forest
  • Then we bring them back to your home
  • We clean them up
  • Give them a fresh bowl of water and eventually food (if requested).

You’ll receive a detailed daily journal providing you feedback about your pet’s day including a GPS track with Check-in, Check-out time and pictures regularly posted on our page. This way we want to make sure that while you’re away, you can follow your pet’s daily routine and have total peace of mind.

 Individual Dog Walking

If you prefer your dog to be walked individually due to specific reasons, we do offer this service upon availability. We’ll respond to your dog’s particular needs and adapt to the specific conditions.

  • We come to your home and take your dog for a walk following your instructions and his needs

  • We bring him back to your home after a quick clean-up

  • We give a fresh bowl of water and eventually food and/ or medicine (if requested).

You’ll receive a detailed daily journal providing you feedback about your pet’s day and pictures regularly posted on our page. This way we want to make sure that while you’re away, you can follow your pet’s daily routine and have total peace of mind.

We apply high-season and low-season prices for this service


About 1 hour per walk (can be adapted according to weather)


In the forest


MONDAY to FRIDAY From 9h to 16h30 (except on legal holidays)

DOG WALK TIME BLOCKS: (Time can change slightly according to client’s location and traffic circumstances)

  • Morning walks 9h to 11h
  • Noon walks 11h00 to 13h00
  • Afternoon walks  14h to 16h



Ongoing Contracts

4>5 days/week

2091VAT incl
  • 1 forest walk of 1 hour

2>3 days/week

2620VAT incl
  • 1 forest walk of 1 hour

1 day/week

2891VAT incl
  • 1 forest walk of 1 hour

Ongoing price advantage included



Ongoing Contracts

1 day/week

5393VAT incl
  • 1 nearby walk of 30min to 45min.

2>3 days/week

4903VAT incl
  • 1 nearby walk of 30min to 45min.

4>5 day/week

3913VAT incl
  • 1 nearby walk of 30min to 45min.


Periodic Contracts

4>5 days/week

2515VAT incl
  • 1 forest walk of 1 hour

2>3 days/week

2881VAT incl
  • 1 forest walk of 1 hour

1 day/week

3144VAT incl
  • 1 forest walk of 1 hour

* Pick-up and Drop-off way and back from forest included in the price



Periodic Contracts

1 day/week

6684VAT incl
  • 1 nearby walk of 30min to 45min.

2>3 days/week

6077VAT incl
  • 1 nearby walk of 30min to 45min.

4>5 day/week

4850VAT incl
  • 1 nearby walk of 30min to 45min.


  • 50% price OFF 2nd (or more) DOG SAME FAMILY on Our Dog Day Care, Dog Walking & Dog Boarding services
  • When you subscribe to our ONGOING Dog Day Care or Dog Walking service for more than 2 days/ week, you’ll get 5% reduction on all other services counting from the 1st day on (Dog & Pet Boarding, Pet Sitting and Pet Taxi)
  • When you refer someone, you’ll receive 10% reduction on your next invoice and the person you referred will receive 5% reduction on their first invoice
  • You’re not bound to a yearly or periodic engagement through our contracts
  • You pay ONLY what you use, after the ongoing contract has started, we don’t invoice the days that you have canceled due to unforseen circumstances, holidays or other valuable reasons
  • 1 free 1-on-1 Pet Behaviour Consultation every 65 completed ongoing services with our company

We do not accept dogs with critical health concerns unless the risk for their well-being is not at high-risk, nor aggressive dogs that could be a potential risk for the pack’s health, comfort & safety as well as for our team members and any third party crossing our path. Dogs must be house-trained, have a decent general obedience level and not be excessively dependent/ anxious.

If your dog doesn’t fulfill the above conditions, you can request a consultation with Raphael Caupin through our Official Partner service CaniSense Pet Behaviour & Training and get a tailor-made training to set your dog up for success.

We come and meet you and your pet(s) at your home through an initial consultation. This visit gives us an opportunity to know each other, meet with your pet, take note of your instructions, register your pet’s preferences and answer your questions. It will also allow you and your pet to get familiar with us so that you can comfortably make a first impression of the team member(s) that will take care of your beloved pet.

We’ll get familiar with your home environment and take your instructions regarding the areas you allow us to access. We have high respect for your privacy and we’ll minimize the area we enter into and will go only where deemed necessary for us to complete a proper and safe pet care service.

Each initial consultation includes the following:

• Introduction meeting between client + pet and our team
• Collect your house key(s) Unless you request a Separate Key Pick-up (Additional Fee)

1. Registered and duly completed PACo Pet Care Client Account (
2. Agreement with our Service Agreement, Privacy Policy and General Terms & Conditions
3. Up to date vaccination dates to submit on your client account and a copy of the last vaccinations
4. Collar or harness (we use our own leads)


With your PACo online client account, you’ll be able to book, modify or cancel services at any time, leave us notes, clear instructions and feedbacks + accept our agreements and policies online. You can fill your pet’s complete profile and routine as well as your contact details, emergency numbers and other useful information and update it at anytime from anywhere, even during your leave.


After registering your client account and pet(s) profile(s), you can book our service(s) online and we’ll confirm within a short delay. Prior to high-season periods we recommend you to book preferably at least 2 months in advance for services such as Dog Boarding and Pet Boarding. For ongoing services such Dog Walking and Dog Day Care, the service can start at the earliest and best convenience.


We enjoy keeping a proximate contact with our clients and we understand that you also appreciate talking to a human on the other end of the line. Our switchboard is available for you from Monday through Friday from 8h30 to 17h. We’ll answer your questions, guide you through the process of registration, take your valuable feedback and/ or organise an appointment to meet in person.


Meeting the person who will take care of your pet is vital and we know how you value that. We come and meet you at your home for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services and you can come and meet us for Dog Day Care or Dog/ Pet Boarding. This visit allows you to get a first opinion of the person who’ll take care of your beloved pet and it’ll give us the opportunity & pleasure to meet you and your pet.



For your own peace of mind, we’ll take over from here by confirming your booking and proposing you a date and time for a free consultation at your home with our assigned staff member. Once registered as a client, we’ll send you detailed daily pet journals and publish your pets’ photos for you to view. You can even comment on your pets’ adventures on the daily report while you’re away or add notes and instructions.

PACo Client Testimonials:

“Highly recommended- Sally has been for daily group walks, day care and boarding. I can only highly praise the Paco team again and again. They take such good care of your furry best friend. Everything is documented with daily reports & pictures. Special thanks to Raphaël, André, Tiago & Alexis who take care of Sally in day care or the daily group walks. Also, thanks to Barbara and Meggy who look after her when we are away. Thank you guys, you make a difference and also make my days at work or holidays more relaxed as I know Sally is in good hands.
Ruhla (Dog Day Care/ Dog Walking Client)