Pet Boarding

“PSI Registered Pet Professionals on hand”

We consider any term of boarding being the act of providing the service at our own home/ location. We name this service pet boarding to separate it from the dog boarding (exclusively for dogs).

Indeed, we take other pets like rabbits and guinea pigs into our home within our big crates. When the weather allows, they can be free to play in a fenced-in park especially designed for them in the garden and eat home-grown vegetables when available.

We have few suitable homes where your pet can stay whilst you’re away.  All are fully insured and vetted by our head office. If you’re on holidays, you’ll be reassured knowing that your pet is very comfortable and well cared for.

Service Details:

We will follow your pet’s usual routine and diet as close as possible and if medication is necessary we will make sure it is administered correctly as you long as your pet accepts it.

  • They are securely separated from other animals
  • They get their food and water regularly
  • We clean up their crates daily
  • They are continuously supervised while playing in their fenced parked in the garden (if weather allows)
  • Out in the garden they can eat homegrown vegetables (when available)
  • They get the loving care and attention they need by a capable and experienced pet caretaker
  • In the evening, they always stay with us indoors for a cosy evening
  • During cold weather, they would remain inside with us throughout the day

You’ll receive a detailed daily journal providing you feedback about your pet’s day including a GPS track with Check-in, Check-out time and pictures regularly posted on our page. This way we want to make sure that while you’re away, you can follow your pet’s daily routine and have total peace of mind.

Service duration

Full time, day and night

Where does the service take place?

To be confirmed upon booking confirmation

Opening days & hours

We provide this service through the whole year, weekends and legal holidays included upon availability..
Drop-offs and Pick-ups are from 8h30 to 18h30 and to be scheduled in advance.

This is one of the services where an initial meeting is not mandatory, but you can feel free to come and visit our premises before if you’d like. Although we request a complete PACo client profile registration before confirming the place.

1. Registered client account and booking
2. Signed contract & forms
3. Up-to-date vaccination report or photocopy
4. Food (and treats)
5. A Crate and all necessary accessories
6. Medication (if applicable)
7. If possible label your pet’s items or else ask us to do it for you upon your arrival

* When you subscribe to our ONGOING Dog Day Care or Dog Walking service for more than 2 days/ week, you’ll get 5% reduction on all other services counting from the 1st day on (Dog & Pet Boarding, Pet Sitting and Pet Taxi)
* When you refer someone, you’ll receive 10% reduction on your next invoice and the person you referred will receive 5% reduction on their first invoice
* You’re not bound to a yearly or periodic engagement through our contracts
* You pay ONLY what you use, after the ongoing contract has started, we don’t invoice the days that you have canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, holidays or other valuable reasons

* 5+ Consecutive Days of Stay = 5% Reduction
10+ Consecutive Days of Stay = 10% Reduction
15+ Consecutive Days of Stay = 15% Reduction

* Only Half-Day (or Overnight) Counted for Check-out before 12h or Check-in after 18h

1>5      days in a row incl. 1 forest walk of 1h/day €15.00 VAT incl. PER DAY
5>10   days in a row incl. 1 forest walk of 1h/day €14.29 VAT incl. PER DAY
10>15 days in a row incl. 1 forest walk of 1h/day €13.64 VAT incl. PER DAY
>15     days in a row incl. 1 forest walk of 1h/day €13.08 VAT incl. PER DAY

Within Luxembourg City Area + €30.52 VAT incl.
Up to 10km Outside of Luxembourg City Area + €35.10 VAT incl.

We recommend you to book this service as early as you can since places are limited and we’re often booked very much in advance by most of our clients. If you cannot provide the exact dates, we accept a certain approximation that we can amend up to one month before the service.
To secure and guarantee places, we have a cancellation policy in place that must be respected and is mentioned on our client contracts. We have a waiting list available in order to contact you if there has been any cancellation and a place has been freed-up for you.


With your PACo online client account, you’ll be able to book, modify or cancel services at any time, leave us notes, clear instructions and feedbacks + accept our agreements and policies online. You can fill your pet’s complete profile and routine as well as your contact details, emergency numbers and other useful information and update it at anytime from anywhere, even during your leave.


After registering your client account and pet(s) profile(s), you can book our service(s) online and we’ll confirm within a short delay. Prior to high-season periods we recommend you to book preferably at least 2 months in advance for services such as Dog Boarding and Pet Boarding. For ongoing services such Dog Walking and Dog Day Care, the service can start at the earliest and best convenience.


We enjoy keeping a proximate contact with our clients and we understand that you also appreciate talking to a human on the other end of the line. Our switchboard is available for you from Monday through Friday from 8h30 to 17h. We’ll answer your questions, guide you through the process of registration, take your valuable feedback and/ or organise an appointment to meet in person.


Meeting the person who will take care of your pet is vital and we know how you value that. We come and meet you at your home for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services and you can come and meet us for Dog Day Care or Dog/ Pet Boarding. This visit allows you to get a first opinion of the person who’ll take care of your beloved pet and it’ll give us the opportunity & pleasure to meet you and your pet.



For your own peace of mind, we’ll take over from here by taking great care of your pets while following your instructions. At the end of each day, we’ll send you detailed daily pet journals and publish your pets’ photos for you to view. While away, you can comment on your pets’ adventures on the daily report or add notes and instructions.