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Since 2012, PACo Pet Care is a registered and insured Pet Services Company with a passionate team delivering a wide range of reliable, high-quality pet services. Raphael Caupin, Canine Behaviourist, started PACo as self-employed and founded the company in 2012 from the Animal Behaviour’s perspective and Unconditional Love for Pets. Since then, this approach has been our company’s “Ethos”. In 2015, PACo Pet Care converted to an Sàrl/ LLC and the team benefits continued education programs and internal workshops pertaining to Pets’ Welfare, Safety and Behaviour.


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NOT JUST A “PEE AND POOP” WALK. We believe that social pets, dogs especially should be regularly developing their social skills, obedience, confidence, mental and physical health and not be isolated. For all the good they bring in our lives, they deserve the opportunity to discover themselves & develop as the intelligent, sensitive beings they are to fullfill their purpose. PACo Pet Care is there to assist you helping your pet achieve that.

Through the years, we developed an ideal environment for dogs whether they go on our daily walks, daycare or if they board with us. Our approach is a co-operation with them to bring out the best in each while respecting their personalities and need for communication. We anticipate un-necessary corrective feedback through setting clear boundaries beforehand and giving them clear instructions with consistent guidance to ensure that they feel safe and rewarded for good behaviour and mutual respect during our activities. This is made possible through the close supervision of our partner CaniSense Pet Behaviour Services managed by Raphael.

It is important for us that your pets are taken care of in the best possible comfort and conditions. Therefore, we prefer to visit your cat(s) at your home to remove the stress of transportation and change of environment. We always seek to provide our services according to best animal welfare ethics and regulations.

On the other side, you deserve peace of mind knowing that you’re pet is doing fine, therefore we send you daily detailed reports including feedback, photos, occasional videos, a GPS-live Check-in and Check-out notification and more valuable information. We understand the importance of communication and reliable feedback so that you can be sure that your pet is well and truly taken care of.

Beyond delivering our Pet Sitting service, we also provide various convenience services such as watering plants, mail pick-up, and more. Feel free to consult our Pet Sitting description page.

PACo Pet Care is member of Pet Sitters International (PSI), the APDT, the Dog Welfare Alliance and the Animal Behavior Society. This helps us to stay up to date with the most current animal welfare ethics, news, advice and tools to provide better service through networking and exchanging feedback with other excellent pet services companies worldwide.

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with our partner CaniSense Pet Behaviour Services


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