Dog Day Care

We welcome your pet at our Dog Day Care Center from Monday through Friday

50% price off for 2nd Dog (or more) from same family !!!

Your dog is assigned a usual place where he feels most comfortable around other sociable and friendly dogs in a safe and pleasant atmosphere suitable for big and small, young and old.

Our team members are present to respond to their needs and ensure that they’re being well taken care of.

PACo dog day care is designed in a way to stimulate dogs both mentally and physically through their walk(s) and exercises. We also give them the necessary amount of rest and autonomy to encourage proper behaviour balance and discipline while avoiding over-dependence that could lead to an increase of separation anxiety. This way we ensure your dog being in a structure where consistent supervision, fun and attention are given while safety, comfort and education are guaranteed.

For the best comfort of all clients, we only accept dogs that are house-clean, social, have basic obedience training and no excessive separation anxiety. If these requirements are not entirely met, no worries, our Partner Service CaniSense Pet Behaviour Training helps you set your dog up for success to access this service upon successful behaviour adjustment training and improve his quality of life as well as your family’s.%